Fara í efni


In order to enforce legislation on pay equality, Brimborg will:

Ensure that there is no gender discrimination when setting pay. Pay must be set in the same way for all staff, regardless of gender, origin or disability, but taking into account differences in responsibility, working hours, skills, performance and education. Everybody shall enjoy the same terms of employment for equally valuable and comparable jobs. For information on setting pay and terms of employment, see Articles 2(8) and (9) and 6 of Act No. 150/2020 on Equal Status and Equal Rights Irrespective of Gender.

Article 6 – General provision on pay equality
Women, men and persons registered in Registers Iceland as being of neutral gender shall be paid equal pay and enjoy equal terms of employment for the same jobs or jobs of equal value. “Equal pay” means pay set in the same manner for all persons, regardless of gender. The criteria on the basis of which pay is set shall not involve gender discrimination. Workers shall at all times be permitted to disclose their pay terms, should they so choose.

  • Introduce, document and maintain a certified equal pay system based on the equal pay standard ÍST 85:2012.
  • Carry out a pay analysis at least once a year, comparing jobs of equal value and checking for any discrepancies in pay according to gender, and present the main findings to staff.
  • Respond to unexplained pay discrepancies with continuous improvements and monitoring.
  • Conduct an internal audit and review the system and its performance with managers at least once a year.
  • Adhere to the relevant legislation and rules in force at any given time.
  • Present this policy to Brimborg staff and make it available to staff, stakeholders and the public on Brimborg’s website.

The Pay and Equal Pay Certification Quality Manager is responsible for Brimborg’s equal pay policy and the equal pay system based thereon, for Brimborg’s human resources policy and for ensuring that the legal requirements relating to Brimborg’s equal pay system are enforced. They are also responsible for introducing and maintaining the equal pay system in accordance with standard ÍST 85:2012. Heads of Division shall undertake to make continuous improvements, perform monitoring and respond to any unexplained pay discrepancies and other deviations that come to light when reviewing the equal pay system. This equal pay policy is an integral part of Brimborg’s pay policy.

This equal pay policy was adopted in January 2021 and updated in February 2022. It received equal pay certification on 12 April 2021, which will be reviewed in three years’ time, i.e. in April 2024.

Approved by Brimborg’s Board of Directors on 15 February 2022.